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These are some of the books that Gerald Sindell has guided either as book developer, author, or publisher.

Young China PS

Young China — How the Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World

Starred Review in Publisher’s Weekly:
“Penetrating the world of Chinese millennials, Dychtwald touches on their famously demanding study practices through an interview with a graduate-school applicant who spends nearly 90 hours weekly studying for an entrance exam. Dychtwald’s own experience teaching English to kindergarteners brings him into contact with China’s “little emperors”—the young products of the Chinese one-child policy who are simultaneously coddled and pressured to succeed. Other trend-based neologisms reported in the book include the delightfully strange “parent eaters”—those who rely on parental support well into adulthood—and the heartbreaking “leftover woman”—an unmarried woman over 27 years old. A mother overheard admonishing her daughter crystallizes lingering conservative attitudes toward marriage and romance: “Dating not for the sake of marriage is hooliganism!” Dychtwald also examines Chinese youths’ retail habits, growing tolerance toward homosexuality, and views on democracy, censorship, and the Communist Party.
“It’s a richly informative and surprisingly intimate portrait of a side of China unknown to most Westerners.”
by Zak Dychtwald

St. Martin’s Press FORTHCOMING FEB 2018

Genius Machine

The Genius Machine — The 11 Steps That Turn Raw Ideas Into Brilliance

There really is a common methodology for all the bestsellers and other successful books on this page — a way of developing ideas into their best coherent whole, testing them, understanding their implications, and eventually developing the advocacy strategies that will be necessary for success in the marketplace of ideas.

As Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the Ernest L. Arbuckle professor of business at Harvard Business School and bestselling author wrote, “The Genius Machine is passionate, provocative, powerful, and practical. Gerald Sindell weaves his experience into an essential guide for creating ideas with impact. What better gift for today’s troubled world than this compelling method for finding smarter solutions and getting them working.”

by Gerald Sindell

New World Publishing

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.38.44 PM

The Yahoo! Style Guide — The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World

Sindell was brought in to guide the development of the book and expanded its focus to include all English language users in the world, not just North America. Subsequently, Sindell created with St. Martin’s parent company, Macmillan, the first Simultaneous Global Publishing agreement, which replaced the traditional time-lagged rights sales of most books. The new agreement reflected the new world in which Yahoo! had the ability to reach millions of readers globally at once.

“Yahoo!’s editors have given the rules of the writing road a smart and timely reboot. It’s Strunk and White for the online world.” ―Arianna Huffington, cofounder and editor in chief, The Huffington Post

by Chris Barr and Yahoo! Editors Worldwide

St. Martin’s Griffin

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 4.02.16 PM

How to Become CEO — The Rules for Rising to the Top of any Organization

The premiere volume of what would become Jeffrey Fox’s shelf of bestselling business books, many millions of copies sold and in translations all over the world.

Wall Street Journal Bestseller

by Jeffrey J. Fox

Hyperion Books

And Ladies of the Club

…And Ladies of the Club — The Year’s #1 Bestseller

Sindell purchased all rights to this book when it had sold only 400 copies (when published by the Ohio State U Press). It became a NY Times front page story, an international sensation, was the #1 NY Times Bestseller for 52 weeks and has to date sold more than 10 million copies with translations in German, French, Spanish, Dutch and more.

“A great novel that is American to its core…so gently memorable, so bursting with life, that those who abandon themselves to its pages will find it claiming a permanent place close to their hearts.”— New York Daily News

by Helen Hooven Santmyer

G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Rape of Kuwait

The Rape of Kuwait — The True Story of Iraqi Atrocities Against a Civilian Population

One of the most successful ‘instant books’ in publishing history: Sindell’s Knightsbridge Publishing purchased a rough manuscript at Thanksgiving, and had 1.25 million books in print before the end of the year. Credited with giving President G.W. Bush his long-sought name for the war, endorsed by CBS News: “If you read one book about the war, this is the one.”

by Jean P. Sasson

Knightsbridge Publishing

Is Elvis Alive?

Is Elvis Alive? This is the Story that is Sweeping the World! This is the Incredible Elvis Tape!

They said it couldn’t be done. Shrink wrap more than 1 million cassette tapes to a million custom foiled and embossed books, and get them into the stores in a matter of days. And at first, the biggest bookstore chains refused to take any book/tape combination. But eventually demand overcame all objections.

This project became the #1 book and tape combination of all time, with more than 1 million sold. This was the book that kept America and the world riveted with Elvis Presley sightings for an entire summer. This was the first time Sindell, as publisher, brought his film marketing skills in service of a book.

by Gayle Brewer Giorgio

Tudor Publishing

by Ralph Nader & Wesley Smith

Winning the Insurance Game — The Complete Consumer’s Guide to Saving Money

The New York City Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, and later candidate for mayor, Mark Green. “This is quite simply the best consumer-friendly insurance book ever written.”

by Ralph Nader and Wesley J. Smith

Knightsbridge Publishing

Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em — Getting Good People to Stay

The #1 All-Time Bestselling Berrett-Koehler Publishing Title— Now in its 5th Edition — Over 650,000 Copies Sold

by Beverly Kaye & Sharon Jordan

Berrett-Koehler Publishers

alt text

Identity is Destiny — Leadership and the Roots of Value Creation

This is the Urtext on the nature of human identity. In order to fulfill one’s potential it is necessary to know who you are. Here is the path.

by Lawrence Ackerman



The Identity Code — The 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your Purpose and Place in the World

“Larry Ackerman’s book is essential reading. In a time where we move so fast and are constantly engaged with technology Larry points us back to the thing that does not change. Who we are. In this manual of self identity he teaches us the skill of finding out our inner gifts and strengths. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get clear about their mission in life and how to live it.” — Five Star Amazon Review by Life-Coach

by Lawrence Ackerman

Random House

Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage

The Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage — Five Keys to Becoming a More Effective Leader

Susan Bethanis leads one of the most-respective coaching firms in Silicon Valley, Mariposa Leadership

“Bethanis, a San Francisco-based executive coach, offers a show-don’t-tell glimpse into her work of shaping raw, by-the-book executives into kinder-and-gentler powerhouses. Rather than preaching, Bethanis uses a six-month series of sessions with “Max,” a top executive whose leadership skills haven’t developed as quickly as his career, to illustrate the path to “corporate sagedom,” a state that incorporates top business tactics, people skills, on-the-job know-how and some intangibles that, yes, a professional coach can teach. The premise of learning as a business tool isn’t new in the corporate world, but Bethanis’s approach in the book is, and it works refreshingly well, even for a reader initially skeptical of Max. There is certainly much here to be learned by any businessperson open to taking it all in.” — Publishers Weekly

by Susan J. Bethanis, EdD

Kaplan Business

The Institute Way

The Institute Way — Simplify Strategic Planning and Management with the Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard Institute methodology shapes the work of major institutions and entire nations across the globe. This book brought together the entire methodology and provides the bible for hundreds of thousands of people who use it to transform their organizations and society itself.

by Howard Rohm, David Wilsey, Gail Stout Perry and Dan Montgomery

The Institute Press

Move the World

Move the World — Persuade Your Audience, Change Minds, and Achieve Your Goals

This is the book upon which the Latimer Group built its prestigious global practice and became the recognized authorities in persuasion, now improving the skills of hundreds of thousands of employees throughout the Global 500, transforming corporate cultures.

by Dean M. Brenner

Wiley and Sons

Zone of Insolvency

Zone of Insolvency — How Nonprofits Avoid Hidden Liabilities and Build Financial Strength

“Too many nonprofits think the risk of financial insolvency doesn’t apply to them since they operate on the financial edge so much of the time. It’s way too easy to slip into the zone and way too difficult to get out. I hope nonprofit execs, financial managers, and board members use this excellent resource to help them recognize the peril of operating in, or even near, the Zone of Insolvency.”
— Christine Park President, New York Life Foundation

by Ron Mattocks

Wiley and Sons

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.55.42 PM

Outrageous Fortune — Growing Up at Leeds Castle

From the featured review in the Sunday NY Times Book Review: “Why are wealthy Britons so entertaining to read about? Maybe it has something to do with the collision of crisp formality and a kind of babyish loopiness. So too with the writer and musician Anthony Russell’s well-observed memoir, in which he reminisces about spending childhood weekends and holidays in Kent at Leeds Castle, the moat‑­surrounded, 1,100-year-old “former stronghold of Saxon kings” that his grandmother, Lady Baillie, purchased in 1926.”

by Anthony Russell

St. Martin’s Press

Dear Dear Brenda lighter 2

Dear, Dear Brenda — The Love Letters of Henry Miller to Brenda Venus

The book began when Brenda Venus brought Sindell a large dry-cleaning box with more than 1000 letters from Henry Miller. The project had already been widely rejected, but eventually with a Thought Leaders Intl. proposal and the representation of Owen Laster of Wm Morris, the book came to life.

“Bedridden and in his late 80s, Miller wrote more than 1500 letters to a young actress-dancer who was the last great love of his life. The letters here selected, interspersed with commentary by Venus and each virtually complete, are remarkable for their clarity, cheerfulness and passiona passion often expressed with Milleresque uninhibitednessand interesting for their views on writers, painters, sex and spirituality (the last two considered by Miller to be inseparable). As the final blaze-up of a powerful romantic spirit, the letters make a touching love story; and as Durrell points out in his crisp preface, we should be grateful to Venus for the tact and generosity that allowed Miller to spend his last days in a “marvelous euphoria of loving attachment.” — Publisher’s Weekly

by Henry Miller and Brenda Venus, Preface by Lawrence Durrell; Produced and Edited by Gerald Sindell

Wm. Morrow

Damage Control

Damage Control — A Memoir of Outlandish Privilege, Loss and Redemption

A typical review of the almost 50 5 star reviews on Amazon: 

“Wonderfully written, I had difficulties putting this memoir down. Boissier’s book is so much more than a description of his life full of privilege, extravaganza, and family drama. It’s about growing up without a mother’s love, or without the love and affection that one needs be able to love oneself as an adult. Boissier’s story is an honest and devastating account of what attachment issues, and lack of attachment, will do to a child and how it affects that person growing into an adult. It’s also about the power of forgiveness and thus setting oneself free from the prison of rage and blame. A beautiful story that deserves a wide readership.” —ufred, verified purchase
by Sergei Boissier

Argo-Navis Press


Influence — How Women’s Soaring Economic Power will Transform Our World for the Better

“It’s rapidly dawning on women that their growing economic power offers a tremendous opportunity to . . . change lives, markets, and the environment, simultaneously. Maddy Dychtwald has captured this speeding train with insight, data, and substance . . . A must-read.”― Cathie Black, President, Hearst Magazines

by Maddy Dychtwald with Christine Larson


econosphere cover

The Econosphere — What Makes the Economy Really Work, How to Protect it, and Maximize Your Opportunity for Financial Prosperity

“For an engaging, insightful, and somewhat quirky take on how our economy works, The Econosphere is a must read. Craig Thomas does a masterful job of explaining basic economic fundamentals so that anyone can understand them and profit as a result.” — Mark Zandi, Chief Economist, Moody’s Economy.com

by Craig Thomas

FT Press (Financial Times)


The Harder They Fall — Will the U.S. Follow Japan Into the Abyss?

A brilliant exploration by a Swiss economist of the parallels between the Japanese economy in the doldrums and the U.S. economy seemingly in a period of endless growth. Signer’s cool analysis, sadly, had it nailed.

by Thomas P. Signer

Midas Verlag

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 6.14.23 PM

The Bright Side — Surviving Your Parents’ Divorce

“This is a great guide for teens/ or kids going thru their parents divorce. It gives them a special Kids Bill of Rights that explains such things as..they have the right to feel safe and loved no matter what…and they have the right NOT to be used as a pawn or a spy by one or the other parent.

Best of all its written in a way that keeps the child engaged! Keeps them reading because as it says..this is a book for THEM not their parents. I do recommend this as a great tool to help a child thru this difficult time!” — Kovia, Amazon Reviewer

by Max Sindell


Positive Pushing

Positive Pushing — How to Raise a Successful and Happy Child

Author appearance on NBC’s Today Show

“Taylor, a psychologist who has worked with young achievers in sports, education and the performing arts for 17 years, helps parents determine how to give their child encouragement and the emotional resources not only to succeed but to deal with success in a healthy way. Arguing that pushing is necessary for children to take risks and discover their strengths, he advises parents how to push while focusing on self-esteem, ownership and emotional mastery what he calls the three pillars of successful achievers. Taylor stresses the importance of parental involvement, but warns that many parents go overboard, getting too involved in their child’s achievements and denying the child “ownership” of their own experiences.Taylor’s thoughtful, clear-eyed approach to a controversial subject will be appreciated by parents raising kids in a competitive world.” — Publishers Weekly

by Dr. Jim Taylor


Move into Life

Move Into Life — The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality

“Based on the work of her mentor, mind-body pioneer Moshe Feldenkrais, dancer and clinical psychologist Baniel developed a program she has used with clients, including professional musicians, athletes and learning-disabled children. Articulating and amplifying Feldenkrais’s system, Baniel’s method consists of nine ways to overcome dysfunctional mind-body connections that prevent people of all ages from feeling life-enhancing vitality and optimal health: moving with attention; turning on the learning switch; experiencing subtlety; breaking harmful habits through variation; living more slowly; setting flexible goals; firing enthusiasm; using the imagination; and cultivating awareness.Baniel’s compassionate and empowering approach will leave readers, particularly those with problems defying traditional treatment (chronic pain, mental and emotional trauma) eager to forge positive communication pathways between the body and the mind.” Publisher’s Weekly

by Anat Baniel



Cycles — How We Will Live, Work, and Buy

Awarded: Community College ‘Book of the Year’

The intellectual sequel to Gail Sheehy’s Passages, Dychtwald showed that the world had changed and that instead of going through life from one stage to the next, we now had the option to circle back and go through stages, such as education and career choice, again.

Same Five Star Review on Amazon: “Maddy Dychtwald has written a powerful and insightful analysis of modern American lifestyles that turns many of our traditional assumptions about successful marketing upside down. In Cycles, her comparison between the “linear” view of life from our grandparents’ generation and the new “cyclic” patterns of life today profoundly changes how we view business decisions as well as our own lives. I found her chapter on emerging workforce trends particularly fascinating, with its provocative forecasts for free agent labor and cyclic careers. And her argument is convincing! The old attachments and expectations about life at a certain age are out. What is in? A spirit for personal reinvention at every age and unexpected business opportunities a thousand times over in the second half of life.”

by Maddy Dychtwald

Free Press

Power Years

The Power Years — A User’s Guide to the Rest of Your Life

“I loved this book for two reasons. First, it is a great source of ideas for planning or exploring the next phase of life if you happen to be a boomer. There are numerous thoughts, suggestions, and trends identified that can be a terrific way for the reader to uncover or rekindle lifelong ambitions. Perhaps this book will encourage folks to act upon their dreams. I hope so. It is interesting to see what so many others are doing with their power years.

“The second reason I love this book is that it offers new and exciting ways to market to boomers. Sure, folks have made careers chasing this demographic, but there are even more ideas in this book to pursue such as philanthropic travel, grandparents camp, and helping boomers continue their education in a myriad of ways.” — Craig Ferguson, Amazon Reviewer

by Ken Dychtwald

Wiley and Sonds

Don't Send A resume

Don’t Send a Resume — And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Find a Good Job

“Jeffrey Fox is the ultimate marketer, consumed with and successful at ensuring his product stands out and is snatched up–and in this case, that product is you. Don’t Send a Resume is his tip-laden guide on how to make yourself visible, desirable, and ultimately invaluable to your next employer. Dismissing the well-worn routes of sending unsolicited resumes and contacting personnel departments, Fox concentrates on what will turn job-seekers into super salespeople. While occasionally just spiced-up commonsense, his advice is simple, direct, and often ingenious, supported by details and made colorful by the odd illustration. Understand the jargon of job seeking and translate that jargon into meaningful marketing clues. Determine how the job you want creates value for the company and “dollarize” yourself accordingly. Look for a job in the unorthodox places that other job-seekers overlook. Write “boomerang” letters in response to job ads. Don’t expect employers to care about your job objective or what you like to do; they only care about what they need. Don’t talk and tell in an interview; answer, ask, listen, and sell. Whatever you do, don’t order sauce-splashing food in a lunch interview, however tempting the dish. Oh, and don’t forget to ask for the job.” S. Ketchum, amazon.com reviewer

by Jeffrey J. Fox


Investing Online for Dummies

Investing Online for Dummies — A Reference for the Rest of Us!

One of the bestselling Dummies books of all time.

“Like all “dummies” books, this one approaches its subject with a sense of humor. After all, we’re not talking about rocket science or brain surgery. Yet, the quality of the work is exceptional and no other book on online investing comes close to this one.” — Money In the Morning, Investing for Rookies

by Kathleen Sindell, PhD

Wiley and Sons


The TRENDAdvisor Guide to Breakthrough Profits — A Proven System for Building Wealth in the Financial Markets

It’s fun when you write something for an author, he or she adds it to the text of book, and it becomes the money quote in a review: “Years ago Fortune magazine ran a powerful campaign about its media power under the slogan, ‘There is nothing more powerful than a trend.’ In reality there is something more powerful than a trend, and that is being able to perceive the beginnings and ends of trends.’ That is the succinct and lucid opening to chapter one of Chuck Dukas’s The TRENDadvisor Guide to Breakthrough Profits, and I doubt anyone could say it better. … This book is perfect for those interested in making the trend their friend.” — Elizabeth Thompson, SFO (Stocks, Futures, and Options) Magazine

by Chuck Dukas

Wiley and Sons

Drugs in America smaller

Drugs in America — A Citizen’s Call to Action

“Former prosecutor Bugliosi, famous for his true-crime books, including Helter Skelter ( LJ 11/15/74), here confronts America’s most pressing crime problem. As he makes quite clear, while the drug problem has continued to expand and push up crime rates, the so-called “War on Drugs,” as now fought, is one with no victory in sight. Bugliosi’s proposed attack on drugs has two prongs: swift arrest and punishment for foreign druglords who continue to supply drugs to this country, and measures to make the drug trade so unprofitable that those in it will give it up. His suggested means to these ends are often surprising (such as his strong argument for legalization of drugs) but always very well reasoned and documented. This is an extremely thought-provoking book; some readers may rethink their positions, and many will find cause to debate some of his proposals, but all readers will be challenged by his arguments. Very highly recommended for all collections.” — Sally G. Waters, Library Journal

by Vincent T. Bugliosi

Knightsbridge Publishing

Selling to the Point

Selling to the Point — Because the Information Age Demands a New Way to Sell

“One of the most amazing books I have ever read. It changed my whole approach 180 degrees. The book and its lessons acted as a mirror and I saw myself clearly – what Lipsius has to say is so obvious and fundamental. I am left wanting much more and much more interested in listening than sharing. Ten fundamental principles that are timeless and inherently true put into action – in the book, and now leave me looking for opportunities to implement in all my interactions, whether interacting with my buyer or my child.” — Typical 5 Star Amazon Review

by Jeffrey Lipsius

Rydal Road Publishing


How to Become a Rainmaker — The Rules for Getting and Keeping Customers and Clients

“This is an afternoon read, pure and simple. And chances are good that once readers accept Fox’s hard-hitting yet commonsense approaches, they’ll accept his sales process, which applies, by the way, to selling widgets, promoting intangible services, or selling yourself. Every one of the author’s 50 two-page to four-page chapters contains just one nugget of information more than the preceding section, enough to keep the momentum and the attention. A sad story about the hazards of drinking coffee (it spilled–and the prospect was then distracted by a second crisis) is followed by a notice not to eat a major meal during a sales lunch, which is promptly followed by “no pen in the shirt pocket” advice. Fox’s seemingly disparate hints and tips, in short, comprise a very logical and memorable way of rainmaking, and a short tome that will show anyone the how-tos”. — Barbara Jacobs, Booklist

by Jeffrey J. Fox


No More Cold Calling

No More Cold Calling — The Breakthrough System that Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust

“It’s filled with …breathless enthusiasm. It is far different from many of the existing “how to sell intangible services” systems. Yet, referral selling, as espoused and explained by Black, works. She’s got proven ideas and a great methodology. Her killer acronym, or attract (Tell, Remind, Audience, Contacts, Touch), elaborated on in chapter 10. For sure, the other data enhance and feed into her themes; how could anyone argue with topics such as management responsibilities, four essential attitudes, the right kind of customer, etc.? Bottom line: some wonderful advice, personal success stories, and great practical tools and templates.” — Barbara Jacobs, Booklist

by Joanne S. Black

Grand Central

And Now a Few Laughs

And Now a Few Laughs From Our Sponsor — The Best of Fifty Years of Radio Commercials (with CD included)

“The most brilliant people in commercial radio (and television, too) are often the ones who do the commercials. They can pack more imagination and wit into thirty or sixty seconds than you’ll find in most of the actual programming they interrupt. Larry Oakner is a savvy veteran and his book is enlightening, instructive, and entertaining.” — Charles Osgood, Anchor, CBS News Sunday Morning and the Osgood File, CBS Radio

by Larry Oakner

Wiley and Sons


Stuffed — An Insider’s Look at Who’s (Really) Making America Fat and How the Food Industry Can Fix It

Author appearance on Good Morning America

From the beginning we strategized with the author to make this book an attempt to get the big food industry to start policing itself instead of falling into the same role that befell big tobacco when it failed to self-regulate. That was the book we created and HarperCollins bought

Stuffed received wide and favorable press attention, starting the national conversation that was Cardello’s ultimate goal. Here are typical press reactions:

“Thought-provoking…informative and filled with clever ideas, Stuffed will certainly get people talking and thinking.” — Forbes.com

“Straightforward and sobering. We all know the food industry is big business, but Cardello shows in clear terms just how big it is—with suppliers all over the world—and why this makes it so slow to improve.” — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

by Hank Cardello


The Plumber

The Plumber — The True Story of How One Good Man Helped Destroy the Entire Philadelphia Mafia

This was the first Knightsbridge book and presented a real challenge: how to do a book tour with someone who was in the Witness Protection Program, since there was a mob hit out for him. Fortunately, Salerno was a hero with the FBI, so they provided protection for him in every major city as he did interviews and even TV appearances with his image disguised.

At the beginning of the tour Sindell got a call from Salerno. “Guess where I am? I’ve got my feet up on the desk of the FBI Director of New York City.”

Amazon 5 Star Review: …most compelling story I ever read in my life. Fantastic and frightening at the same time. This should be a major motion picture or a tv series!”

by Joseph Salerno and Stephen J. Rivele

Knightsbridge Publishing

Red Zone Management

Red Zone Management — Changing the Rules for Pivotal Times

“Red Zone Management brings real ‘plays’ which, if followed with training and discipline, will score and score repeatedly”. — Fred Hubbard, Senior VP, Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

by Dutch Holland, PhD

Dearborn Press


Traction — Get a Grip on Your Business

When Mr. Wickman came to Thought Leaders Intl, he had a collection of best practices with which he had been guiding a multitude of small businesses to consistent high growth. As we worked together, all the management pieces where fitted together into what became the Enterprise Operating System, which has now been deployed at thousands of companies throughout the world. One of the most influential and bestselling self-published business books of all time.

by Gino Wickman

EOS Publishing

Change is the Rule

Change is the Rule — Practical Actions for Change: On Target, On Time, On Budget

From a Five Star Amazon Review: “In this excellent “how-to” book on Change Management, Dutch Holland presents one of the most practical, down to earth and useful books on Change Management that I have seen. He correctly assumes up-front that we are all adults, and can make choices, and can handle a whole lot more change in the workplace than some would give us credit for. He avoids the pseudo-psychiatry and touchy-feely stuff that all too often is included in books on managing change in the workplace. He approaches a desired change as an engineering development project, and leads the reader step by step through the process – much like any development project. And one of the best features of the book is the use of a theatre company as a metaphor for change in the workplace (or at home come to that). The idea is that a theatre company epitomizes the ultimate mastery of change in that they willingly and routinely change completely – they change the play. I thoroughly recommend this practical guide to anyone who is interested in taking charge of the process of change in their office/factory – or in their life.” — Reardon Smith

by Dutch Holland, PhD

Dearborn Trade

Accidental Millionaire

Accidental Millionaire — The Rise and Fall of Steve Jobs at Apple Computer (Revised Edition)

Gerald Sindell’s Knightsbridge Publishing was the first (and only) publishing company to pioneer the NeXT Computer, which Steve Jobs created after he left Apple and which became the basis for the new operating system when he returned. We published the revised version of this bopgraphy to keep people up to date with what Jobs was creating in the years immediately after he was fired from Apple.

by Lee Butcher

Knightsbridge Mass-Market Edition

Change Management Toolkit

The Change Management Toolkit

The Toolkit began as a series of processes used by Holland|Davis Consulting in their work with the major petrochemical industries in Texas and beyond. In this form, the Toolkit spread throughout the Change Management industry, providing a standard still in place today.

by Dutch Holland

HD Publishing

Human Harvest

Human Harvest — The Sacramento Murder Story

From Library Review: “On November 11, 1988, Sacramento police exhumed seven bodies from Dorothea Puente’s backyard. They were Puente’s senior citizen tenants, for whom Puente acted as legal “representative payee” for their Social Security benefits. While the intent of such legal authority over the incompetent is commendable, unfortunately, because of lax or nonexistent regulations, this system is wide open to abuse. If not for the vigilance of two county social workers, Puente, apparently a rare female serial killer, would still be free–and possibly still be collecting payments. Extremely disturbing and thought-provoking, this well-paced book, written by a Sacramento reporter who knew Puente personally, is highly recommended.” — Sandra K. Lindheimer, Middlesex Law Lib., Cambridge, Mass.

by Daniel J. Blackburn

Knightsbridge Publishing

October Surprise

October Surprise — Did the Reagan-Bush election campaign sabotage President Carter’s attempts to free the American hostages in Iran?

Barbara Honegger was considered the most brilliant researcher in the Reagan White House. She came to Sindell with this story. Within a few months, her book was in every bookstore window in Washington, D.C., and gave a name to the scandal.

Five Star Amazon Review: “When I share what is in these pages with people, they shake their heads… “No It Is Not Possible…” The do not want to believe that any democratically elected government, especially not our own, could be so callous, so driven by political desires, that with malice they did bring down the re-election of one president in favor of another regime, but it is all here in these pages. It is here that we see how these people put themselves before the hostages being held in Iran. How they jeopardized not only their freedom, but delayed their release for the sake of political gain. Unconscionable behavior hidden from the public. They lied, Denied, and sanitized all of this making heroes out of villains and political gain from intolerable behavior. If this were fiction, it would be a blockbuster movie, but it is truth and as such should be news, but it remains hidden except for these pages. Read them and know the truth.” — James H. Chesky

by Barbara Honegger

Tudor Trade

…and hundreds more.

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