If you can't think clearly, you can't write clearly.

The Genius Machine — The Eleven Steps that Turn Raw Ideas into Brilliance

by Gerald Sindell

A few years ago a number of my clients asked that I capture my process, as someone called it, ‘That thing you do.’ This is the result of that effort and it may be useful to you whether we work together or not.


Many thanks, Gerald, for a great masterpiece!

To conclude my review, I reckon the real gem in the book lies, in addition to the methodology, in the thoughtfully-crafted ‘The Endleofon Questions’ which the author has dutifully assembled at the end of the book, as well as also those probing ones already interspersed within all the chapters.

As I see it,’The Endleofon Process’ as embodied in the book is a disciplined, systematic thinking-through methodology.

With it, I am convinced that any one, through diligent application, can get to enhance his or her thinking by deliberating purposefully – via a meaningful series of provocative questions at each stage – on an issue or a project, all the way to its productive outcome.

I reckon ‘Genius by Design’ – which implies hard work, as thinking is essentially hard work (I fully concur with Henry Ford) – would have been a much more appropriate title for your book!

Nevertheless, your wonderful book has made my day!

Lee Say Keng

Knowledge Adventurer and Technology Explorer

The epiphany I needed!

I am in the middle of trying to move an organization of very smart and committed people, my partners and employees, forward in a direction that is new for all of us. However, I had not been able to truly identify why we were stuck and what to do about it. Then, in reading The Genius Machine, I experienced an epiphany. I had missed the mark – missed the opportunity to more clearly define/touch/communicate my identify and, in turn, our collective identity. In addition, our process lacked the structure – the simple, elegant structure we needed. Based on the book, I wrote a letter to my team and proffered a new way of looking at the product/program we have been developing over the past year.
The response has been quite extraordinary. Using Gerald Sindell’s 11 steps, we redesigned our product, simplified our core program and restructured our launch. While it would take too much space to go into details, I want to stress that we are a professional consulting organization that assists clients in new product and service innovations all the time. We have tried a lot of different methodologies and tested different systems – but the beauty of this process is its simplicity – and the way it is clearly articulated. I can recommend this book to all of my clients around the country with confidence that it can not only be easily understood, but also, practically implemented.

L. Stewart

Senior Consultaant

Exceptional view of thinking strategically

I found the book leading my thoughts through both successes and failures of past ideas and concepts. Once I finished reading it I have, once again, began to think more precisely about the endleofone concept of thinking in everyday tasks.

I recommend it to anyone that needs a break from everyday concepts and a refresher on how to think more focused!

Chris Carpenter

Amazon Customer

Very pragmatic approach to turning creative thought into actionable strategies

Now on my third copy… I keep giving it away to people who are looking for a system to tap into their creativity.

Amazon Customer

July 25, 2016

Identity is Destiny — Leadership and the Roots of Value Creation

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The Identity Code — The 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your Purpose and Place in the World

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How to Become CEO — The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization

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On Writing Well — An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction

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The Elements of Style

by Strunk and White

I could save you a few bucks and give away the secret, but you’ll still get a lot out of it. Okay, spoiler aside, the secret of great style is no style.


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