The difference between simply being published and getting successfully published?

The story of your life.

“Working with Gerry was great, but the process was hard. Developing intellectual property sufficiently enough to create a book is no easy task. But Gerry was with me every step of the way, and in a matter of months we had the basis for some very solid intellectual property. Fast forward two years. The ideas generated with Gerry now form the basis of my business and are the centerpiece of Move the World that was published by John Wiley & Sons.”

Dean Brenner

CEO, The Latimer Group

What are the steps for a book proposal?

After we discover your identity, define and position your intellectual property, and target your audience, then we are ready to embark on a book proposal. A book proposal is comprised of an introduction, a comprehensive biography, a chapter outline, and a sample chapter. Once a book proposal is complete, then we submit it to agents. Your agent and TLI then work together to find a publisher for your book who will eventually set the publication date. The entire process can take anywhere from a year to 18 months.

How long does the process take?

Although the book proposal process can take three to twelve months, the returns begin immediately, even before your book proposal is complete. Once your IP is defined and differentiated, all of your collateral materials will come into focus, as well as your offering and your value to your client or the organization you lead.

What’s the advantage of using TLI versus trying to get published on my own?

Most people who have something important to say, and want to be known for their ideas, enter a process that can best be described as random publishing: they put together a book proposal, find an agent, hope the agent can sell the book, get a publisher, hope the publisher really gets behind the book in a major way, hope the book gets reviews, hope it finds a life in the market, and so on. TLI’s system takes all of these various vague steps and creates a carefully calibrated process, something we think of as intentional publishing that includes not only a plan for the book, but also a marketing plan that supports the author’s brand ensuring the author the highest possible profile.

Not every book can change the world. Not every book can be a bestseller. But every book has its maximum potential audience, and at the end of the day, for a Thought Leaders author, there will be no looking back at what might have been. Everything will have been done to ensure that the author’s ideas have reached their maximum potential audience. And in many, if not most instances, a Thought Leaders Intl. project will have successfully launched or enhanced a thought leader’s career on the world stage.


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