What if you could always access your best thinking?

Our greatest constraint is not our capacity to think brilliantly.

It is our ability to be brilliant when we need to be.

“Gerald Sindell is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of breakthrough thinking.”

Ken Dychtwald, Presidential Advisor, Founder AgeWave, Author of The Power Years

“Gerald Sindell weaves his experience into an essential guide for creating ideas with impact. What better gift for today’s troubled world than this compelling method for finding smarter solutions and getting them working.”

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor of Business at Harvard Business School and bestselling author of Confidence

“I believe that Gerald Sindell can help many of us to release that force of creativity if we are prepared to embark upon and then complete what will prove to be, ultimately, a rigorous exploration of our unfulfilled potentialities.”

Robert Morris, Top 100 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

“There are few people I have ever known who possess Gerry’s exquisite ability to help you dig deep and figure out what your true message is — not just for your book, but for your life. Gerry is not just creative; he takes on your project with personal zeal and makes it his own. He becomes your number one advocate in ways that have, for me, provided concrete professional results over many years. In short, Gerry helps bring beauty and wisdom to light in the form of penetrating ideas and the words needed to express them.”

Laurence Ackerman, CEO The Identity Circle, Author of Identity is Destiny

For many years, we worked primarily with people who needed to get published in order to advance their careers. Now we work with leaders whether or not it’s important to become a published author.

How do I know if I’m a thought leader?

TLI works exclusively with the best original thought leaders across the globe. Our clients are intimately familiar with the existing body of knowledge in their field, and know where they depart from it. They have a pretty good sense of what is wrong with an existing practice and are passionate about changing it. If they are already organizational leaders, they know where their organizations are now and have a vision of where they want to go.

Our clients are idealistic. They are confident that they have found the answers to existing problems and passionate about bringing change. They are generally also strong communicators and skilled public speakers.

If this sounds like you, then you are a thought leader.

And if you are still on your way to fitting into this portrait, then we might be able to help you get there.

How will working with Thought Leaders make me a better leader?

The process of exploring one’s identity, understanding one’s self, and choosing what to do with that knowledge is an enormous relief for most clients. You will be able to move from frustration and a diffused use of your energy into a highly-focused and even relaxed mode of being in life. Leaders quickly shift their vocabulary to one that precisely communicates a clearly differentiated vision. For many clients, this is the last major step as they move into full use of their capacities.

What will Thought Leaders require in terms of my time and commitment?

Working with TLI requires different levels of commitment at different stages of the process. We begin with one or more intensive sessions of two or more hours at least once a week. We then shift to an hour a week, or more as you require. Much of the initial impact will occur within two months. You can stop there, or continue, at your discretion for as long as you would like. Many clients who began with us more than twenty years ago are still in regular contact.

How can I be assured of your discretion regarding me, my ideas — knowledge — and discoveries, and other highly confidential issues?

First, as one of the leading developers of intellectual property, we treasure our client’s knowledge, strategies, and privacy with the same passion we bring to bear on helping develop it. We will sign any NDA you require (or provide our own (which we think is a good model for our clients’ use elsewhere). Our reputation for confidentiality is among the major assets of our stock-in-trade, and we guard it carefully.

How do we begin making me the greatest leader I can be?

We prefer to begin with a free consultation for a half-hour to an hour, in which both parties have the opportunity to get a feel for the chemistry of the relationship. If we then mutually decide to go forward, we will ask you for all kinds of materials to help us get up to speed on you and your environment. We will ask for what the important influences have been on you and we will endeavor to find those materials if they exist as speeches, articles, or text, and read them.

We will look at your organization, press coverage of you, your products, marketing, and advertising. We will read your existing written work and the press releases of your organization.

We will do the same, if appropriate, with your competition.

All of this is done in preparation for the first work session.

“Thought Leaders brilliantly captured our intellectual property and developed for us a system that teaches the best version of proven change methodology, and does it in an incomparable, experiential environment.”

Mitch Kotula, Managing Director, Change Management Education, Accenture

Yahoo! is the world’s most visited website, providing vast amount of edited content to a global audience of more than a billion people. Thought Leaders Intl. guided Yahoo!’s top team into transforming that internal guide into the first guide to Global English.

“Gerald Sindell’s straightforward process and his clear thinking will make a genius of you.”

Chris Barr, Senior Editorial Director, Yahoo!

“Thank you SO MUCH for your wisdom and talent.  I can’t believe the difference your input made. I was pretty much blown away.”

Maddy and Ken Dychtwald

“I have known Gerry for more than 20 years and he has assumed many roles in my life: mentor, manager, friend, officiant at my wedding, book doctor, just to name many. The first iteration of Positive Pushing was bought for a four-figure advance by a small publisher who later bailed on the project. After a major restructuring and rewrite of the manuscript led by Gerry, the much-changed book sold to Hyperion for a six-figure advance. Gerry has the unique ability to take an idea — a diamond in the rough, if you will — and help the originator of the idea to focus it, sharpen it, direct it, and express it in its most effective form, one that is highly marketable.”

Dr. Jim Taylor

“Gerald Sindell was an invaluable help to the Balanced Scorecard Institute team when we were writing The Institute Way. He helped us: Reframe to engage a broader audience, improve the title, restructure to improve flow and sharpen focus. He also help us navigate the publishing industry with advice on publishers, agents, and self-publishing, printing and fulfillment. Gerald’s guidance proved extremely helpful in producing a book that we are proud of and has been extremely useful to our clients.”